The AWS button alternative from bttn

The AWS button alternative: bttn vs the Amazon AWS button

The Butler Group’s bttn is a new IoT button on the market and is an AWS button alternative. 

The AWS IoT button made its first appearance at the 2015 AWS re:Invent conference. 

Amazon’s AWS IoT button was designed to help customers count or track items, call or alert someone, start or stop something, order services, or even provide feedback. The button can be used to unlock or start a car, open garage doors, call a taxi, request a call from a friend or family member, track the use of common household chores, or remotely control your home appliances.

The technology behind the AWS IoT Button

 The AWS Iot Button uses the hardware of the Amazon Dash button. It runs off AA powered batteries, the button goes into sleep mode when not used – this makes the batteries last much longer. Once the button is pressed, it connects to the internet via the customer’s WIFI. 

The Butler Group’s IoT bttn is currently designed with businesses in mind. 

Pros & Cons of Amazon’s IoT button 


Amazon’s IoT button is small enough to fit into your pocket. The size of the device is beneficial as the customer can take the device with them wherever they go. When leaving on holiday, the device can stay in the car and be used to switch the security alarm on remotely. 

The Amazon IoT button lets you track items that you have ordered. See how far away your taxi is, find out when your parcel will be arriving. The Amazon IoT button can also be used to call or alert someone as well as making requests. 

The Amazon button requires a WIFI connection in order for it to connect to Amazon’s cloud-based network. 


With the AWS IoT button being so small, it is easy for consumers to misplace the device. If the device is used for ordering a taxi or calling a plumber, consumers can easily put it down and never find it again. 

As great as WIFI is, not every house has WIFI and therefore the device won’t work in all households. 

The device itself does not provide live updates, one can track requests, however, they are not live. 

Pros and Cons of the bttn


The Butler Group’s bttn is a great device. It is extremely easy to make requests, alert someone or make contact with others. All of this can be done with the push of a button. 

The bttn runs on 2G, 4G and WIFI connectivity, this allows everyone to use the device. The bttn comes with a roaming sim card which connects to the best network in the area. Not every customer has WIFI and if their WIFI is down, customers can rely on the best network in the area. 

Another great advantage of the bttn is that businesses can custom brand their device with the company logo and colours. This is a great marketing tool and the Butler Group is extremely happy to support its customers with this option. 

Last but definitely not least – a great feature for the bttn is that customers are able to live track of their requests. On the home screen customers can see exactly at what stage their request is and when the request has been accepted. This takes the guesswork out of making a request and requests are completed quickly and efficiently. 


Right now, the bttn requires a power source in order for it to work. However, it is good as the bttn will not run out of battery. The bttn’s are quite bulky compared to Amazon’s button, however, the bttn is not designed to be small and fit into your pocket. 

The AWS button alternative

The bttn is a great AWS button alternative and a welcomed addition to the IoT world. This device will help businesses increase revenue whilst saving time and energy on simple tasks. It has never been easier to request something and watch that request be fulfilled in real-time. 

Head to our website today and find out how the AWS button alternative works, request a demo and don’t delay, order your bttn now!

Written by Will Nash, Head of Marketing at Bttn