bttn is the ultimate remote control for all your internet-connected devices or services. It's a stand-alone device with built-in internet connectivity. Use it to turn your business into an on-demand service, automate repetitive tasks, fire up service calls, operate the garage door or create games with it.


Available integrations out-of-the-box: IFTTT, Zapier, HTTP, SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter, just to name a few. Webhooks and REST API for more sophisticated ways to work your magic.

You can differentiate between short press and long press to have two different actions for the bttn.

bttn is a stand-alone device that needs no pairing with a smartphone. You can select built-in mobile data, SIGFOX or Wi-Fi connectivity. bttn runs on 4 x AA batteries and bttn Mini has a rechargeable battery. Both models can be powered also with a micro-USB charger.


The backend's API lets you integrate bttn with your services and applications. For example, have your cool application respond to bttn being pressed and then deliver your application's response back to the bttn for showing green or red light.


The Webhooks are HTTP requests that are sent from the servers to yours when a bttn is pressed. The webhook URL can be manually set for each bttn via If you are building an application for yourself, a small number of users or just experimenting with the API, then we suggest you start here.


The REST API lets you build applications that access the data of users, including the list of bttns, their configurations, bttn press history and counts. It also lets you set the webhook URLs of bttns. By combining the REST API with webhooks, you can build standalone apps easily accessible to a large number of users or add support to your existing application.

You may also want to look into using the IFTTT and Zapier
integrations - these allow you to set custom actions in response to a bttn
press without the need to write any code.

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