IoT button from bttn

Introducing the Butler Group’s IoT button – bttn

The Dutch-owned company, The Butler Group, has added a new and exciting product to their expanding portfolio, the Internet of Things (IoT) button – bttn.

The Butler Group acquired the IoT button, bttn, three years ago from a Finnish company. Since the acquisition, the Butler Group has modified the bttn and made improvements to it. It is now ready to be released to the global market. 

How does the bttn work?

This IoT button is a programmable device, that can do anything you would like it to do for your business. 

  • Need to notify a staff member that their customer has arrived – hit the bttn
  • Trigger automation – hit the bttn 
  • Request a cleaner for a boardroom that needs to be used in an hour – hit the bttn 

The possibilities are endless and you have complete control over the bttn and the tasks you would like it to complete. 

Step 1: Press the smart, IoT button to trigger a preset action 

Step 2: A message is sent to our cloud server – using Zapier, IFFTT, SMS etc. 

Step 3: Your action is triggered within your business 

Look of bttn’s IoT button 

Currently, bttn has two versions that are ready to be released to the market. Below is some more information on each of the IoT buttons. 

The bttn ONE

The bttn ONE is the more basic version, easy to use, two functions and simple to set up. Once the bttn ONE is programmed and ready to be used by your customers or your business, there are only two triggers that need to be remembered. 

  • The first trigger lets you send a request 
  • The second trigger lets you cancel that request

Another feature that makes the bttn ONE a great device is that it provides you with real-time updates. These updates can be seen on the bttn ONE’s home screen. 

Once a request has been triggered, the device will tell you that the request has been made, followed by a message letting you know that the request is waiting for a response. As soon as the request has been accepted, the message tab will appear in green confirming that the request was successful. 

The bttn PRO 


The bttn PRO is more advanced than the ONE. The reason the PRO is more advanced is that this bttn has a touch screen which allows you: 

  • To input endless data or information regarding your request
  • Add date and time information which allows for future request possibilities

As with the bttn ONE, the bttn PRO provides users with updates that can be seen on the home screen of the device. Users are able to see when a request has been made, that the request is waiting to be accepted and then once the request has been successful. 

Why invest in bttn’s IoT button?

Easy: This device was designed to make your life easier. No matter what industry you are in, the bttn drives revenue by saving time and energy on simple tasks. 

Simple: The bttn is a simple way for customers or consumers to reach out to you when they have a request, need assistance or notify you of something. 

Yours: The bttn can be branded with your business logo and colors, allowing your customers to recognize you more frequently. 

Reach out to us here and ask our friendly bttn team for a demo of the IoT button. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Written by Will Nash, Head of Marketing at Bttn