the programmable button from bttn

Industries where the programmable button of bttn will thrive

Creating a programmable button and saying that it can be used for anything can be quite overwhelming. Our bttn team have put their minds together and have found some industries in which the bttn will thrive. 

Programmable buttons at Corporate Companies 

Within large corporate companies around the world, there are always tasks that need fulfilling. With the help of a programmable button, requests are immediately placed through the bttn and service can be completed at once. Gone are the days of having to track down the right person for the job – 100 calls later which could’ve been used more productively. 

Where can a programmable button be placed? Below are some ideas as to what areas of your business you can place a bttn to get maximum advantage of it. 

  • In a boardroom
    • Request a clean prior or post-meeting 
    • Request catering to deliver food to a meeting room
    • Request a technician – why do those PowerPoints stop working the minute you want to present?!
  • Different Departments 
    • A request for a call back has been made 
    • See the number appear in your email and call them straight away
    • No more missed calls or managers left waiting


Hotels will find a programmable button extremely useful. No more having to carry a phone around with you or an old school walkie-talkie – all you need these days is a bttn. 

Ideal spots for hotel managers to place the bttn are outlined below. 

  • Guest rooms
    • Request turn down service 
    • Request extra linen (towels, pillows, soaps etc). 
    • Request a call back from room service; concierge 
    • Request bed to be made early 
    • Request concierge 
  • Bar or restaurant 
    • Use the bttn for stockpiling – send a request to your supplier informing them you’re low on food or beverages. 
    • Use it in the bar to notify the restaurant that you’re low on glasses, wine, staff etc. 

Supermarkets & Large Hardware stores 

Placing a bttn into large supermarkets and hardware stores is a great way to speed up the process when customers need a helping hand. 

  • Aisles can each have a bttn to alert staff their assistance is required 
  • Suppliers can be notified when stock is low 
  • Cleaners can be notified when they are needed


Providing this industry with a programmable button is beneficial as the elderly and those in special care have a way of connecting with loved ones, support and services. 

  • Hospitals – Patients can use the bttn when
    • they require assistance 
    • would like to contact family 
    • missed their meal and would like to order another one 
  • Old age homes – the elderly can use the bttn when
    • they require assistance 
    • they require a service (plumber, electrician, technician)
    • they would like their family to call them 
  • At home care – patients can use the bttn when
    • they require assistance 
    • they require a service (plumber, electrician, technician)
    • they want some company

*Please note that this is not an emergency button and the Butler Group’s programmable button, bttn, should not be used for medical emergencies. 


Providing factories with a programmable button will help their production immensely. Below are some reasons as to how the bttn will help this industry. 

  • The bttn can help with indicating when a new shift has commenced and the previous one has ended.
  • The bttn can help with shift workers logging into their next shift – this can be done with the help of the bttn PRO. 
  • The bttn can be used to order new stock or replacement parts 
  • The bttn be used to indicate that there are technical malfunctions within production and alert employees right away. 
  • The bttn can be used when the next phase of production is about to commence or when a phase is complete. 

The bttn is a versatile device and can be used for quite a number of industries, these are only five of an endless amount. 

Head to our website today and have a look at the programmable button yourself – see who’s already using it and get in touch with our friendly team for a demo of the product. 

The possibilities are endless with the push of a bttn!

Written by Will Nash, Head of Marketing at Bttn