Meet the bttn
the simplest internet user interface in the world

  • Control almost any Internet-enabled device or service with the push of a button, or give it to your customer for super-easy ordering of your product or services
  • With the help of IFTTT, HTTP, or messaging, create your own notification system, device remote control, order processing, security, or family messaging solution
  • Get your bttn for a one-off price of 69.00€
  • For businesses: bttn-as-a-service 7.90€/month

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bttn-as-a-service for businesses

  • Custom-branded cap with your logo and color
  • Stand-alone solution, connectivity via built-in Mobile Data or Wi-Fi
  • Integration to your systems via REST API
  • Fast & easy integration implementation
  • Replacement service for faulty devices
  • Business-level technical support
  • Monthly subscription from 7.90€/month (no start fees, min. order 100 bttns)
  • SIM cards available from bttn (optional)


bttn is easy

The user simply pushes the bttn. That's it. Nothing else. Nada.

bttn is configurable

The magic behind the bttn can be controlled from any browser.

bttn is wireless

The bttn uses a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

bttn is self-contained

The bttn runs for months with a set of AA batteries.

bttn is ingenious

The bttn is based on some pretty cool
patent-pending inventions.

bttn is interactive

The bttn gives visible feedback so that the user knows things are happening.

bttn is global

The bttn can be used anywhere from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and in-between.

How it works

The bttn communicates with the powerful servers in the cloud. They dispatch messages and actions to almost any internet services so that what you want gets done. When the Magic has happened the servers notify your bttn that the deed is done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what can the bttn do?

Alone, it doesn't do much. It only sends its button press information to the Internet. But connected with the cloud servers at, it can do pretty much what you want!

Okay, I get it. So, what can they do together?

The server offers you various configurable actions to trigger upon pressing of the bttn. Using a simple wizard, you can harness the power of various Internet technologies, such as HTTP, RSS, IFTTT, Zapier, OpenHome, SmartThings, Twitter, Facebook, YO, email, or SMS messaging. And we're building more choices all the time.

Enough acronyms, can you describe some concrete examples?

Sure: When a 6-year old daughter presses the bttn in the front hall, Daddy's cell receives the SMS message "I am home! Emily (via bttn)". -Or when a shopper chooses a red bttn over green bttn when leaving a store, the customer satisfaction survey system's negative feedback counter is incremented by one. –Or when at a warehouse a pallet is ready to go, the pick-up bttn is pressed, and the logistics company receives a notification to send in a van. –Or, create the coolest doorbell, or the ultimate pizza-ordering device, just to impress your friends.

So, one bttn press equals one message sent from the server, right?

Well, in most cases, yes. However, the action can also be triggered, if a bttn is NOT pressed within a given time window. This opens up all kinds of new possibilities, for example implementing an "I am OK" bttn, or a reminder for taking medicine, for senior citizens. The applications are endless, really, and hopefully we have not found even half of them. (BTW, tweet your best usage ideas with hashtag #mybttn, as we give out 3-5 bttns every month to the best ideas.)

Can I use the bttn outside?

Currently the bttn is built and tested to operate in indoor humidity and temperatures only. Outdoor bttns (with IEC 60529 IP4X classification) are coming out sometime next year.

What about power?

The bttn uses power either from four AA batteries, or from 5V micro USB cable, found in most popular cell phone chargers. Batteries or chargers are not included. The bttn will notify the owner of the bttn, when the battery level reaches a minimum threshold of 15%. With one set of batteries, the bttn can operate for several months (subject of course to usage frequency).

So what are the physical dimensions of the bttn?

The bttn's outer diameter is 100 mm (3.94 inches) and height is 73 mm (2.87 inches). The bttn's base allows for easy mounting to a wall or e.g. under a tabletop.

How is the bttn connected to the Internet?

You can choose to use either a mobile data or a Wi-Fi bttn. The bttn uses a minimum amount of bandwidth and only when pressed, so it does not require a fast network. Using mobile data, any micro SIM card with a cheap data plan will do. Or if you want to use a Wi-Fi bttn, make sure there is a WLAN available for the bttn.

What's the story on the bttn's design?

The bttn is designed by award-winning Finnish industrial designer, Mr. Harri Koskinen. He is probably best known for his Block Lamp, a lightbulb held inside two shaped pieces of clear glass, which is exhibited in MoMA in New York City. He has designed products for e.g. Issey Miyake, Schmidinger, Montina, Marimekko, and Iittala. Find more of his work here.

How do I set up my bttn?

Just connect the bttn with the Internet, using a Wi-Fi or mobile data network – the bttn will lit up a green led when connected. Then enter the bttn's serial number (found in the bottom) to the registration page. That's it, now you are ready to create your own Magic!

How does the bttn user know what is happening after the bttn press?

The bttn has handy feedback lights for the end user: Flashing GREEN top means successful completion of the trigger, RED means error, and a circling YELLOW means wait. Pretty simple, really.

Is there support?

Sure! It is our mission to create a huge bttn pressing community, exchanging ideas for various actions and future versions of the bttn. To support this, we have opened a support forum at

I know the other acronyms the bttn supports, but what is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement: if this then that. Any IFTTT action can be triggered with the press of a bttn. Visit and discover all the exciting IFTTT recipes you can create with the bttn.

Is there a press / media kit available?

Sure, check out some cool media content here. Or get our latest press kit here. Also, you can send us mail to press(ӕ)

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Story behind the bttn

Two years ago two guys were sitting at a restaurant terrace in Helsinki, Finland. They wondered why - in the otherwise ready-made world - there were no action buttons at the tables, which could be used to signal waitresses. At the same time, one of them shared his worry about how he could help his 75 year old mother, living alone in her house, to make it day-to-day.

One of those guys was Harri, who then started The Button Corporation about a year later. Harri is the kind of guy who is not satisfied with status quo and the normal way of doing things. He was working on application integration already way back when no-one knew what EAI meant, and has brought several products to the market.

Harri summoned an 11 member crack team around him, with the mission of bringing the increasing power of the Internet of Everything to reach everybody's reach. In September 2013 they started making the bttn a reality. First bttns were delivered to customers in December 2014.

"We believe we are truly onto something new here - but we need you to prove it for us. So, I humbly ask you to support us and order a bttn for yourself, and start experiencing the magic of simple internet", says Harri Rautio, CEO, The Button Corporation.

Harri Rautio

Chief Executive Officer

Juuso Pesola

Chief Technical Officer

Jari Leminen

Chief Engineer

Sami Pönkänen

Chief Architect

What do people think?

I don't like computers because they never work as they are supposed to. But with the bttn, I can always get in touch with my son with the push of a button.

Anja Ojala 71 years old, Finland

I have a bttn that I use for controlling my Webasto parking heater. It's great! But tomorrow I'll use it for remote controlling my garage door. #mybttn

Kim Rejström bttn beta program

We intend to give bttns to our partners and high-volume customers. This way we can improve customer satisfaction and increase revenues.

Jari Kujala CEO, Kajon Taxi Services

I can see the bttn creating better service, saving costs, and engaging new business opportunities in the elderly care segment.

Santtu Vierimaa Director at Mainio Vire Oy

With its low cost service-based approach, the bttn is an ideal in-theatre call button for us.

Markku Riekkinen Finnkino Theatre Manager

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