the bttn one NEW

Press the button, experience the magic

Trigger actions, workflows and automations using two trigger buttons.

Live updates, at your fingertips

Get live information and updates about your trigger requests and actions.
An example use case for a tech support request.

Press the programmable button to request a preset action

get updated

You, or the end-user, gets live on-screen updates about the progress of your request

receive response

Once the request is accepted or confirmed, you are notified directly on the screen.

Automate away with two triggers

Triggers let you request actions, start automations and send notifications. The ONE has two of them for even more flexibility.
Trigger 1

Send request

Trigger 2

Cancel request or trigger a secondary action

A device that grows your business

Grow revenue

bttn drives your business' revenue by increasing the simplicity of ordering and by saving time and energy on simple tasks.

Increase automation

Build complex workflows and automation with bttn. Save time, money and energy by automating repetitive tasks and requests.

Improve customer service

Support customers and consumers by providing a simply way to contact you, request help or assistance or to notify you of something.

Increase brand visibility

Empower your brand and create more awareness with a branded bttn. The device can be branded with your colors and logo.

the bttn one

So much more than your standard IoT button

tech specs


Height: 3cm (1.18 in)

Width: 5.6cm (2.32 in)

Length: 11.2cm (4.21 in)

Weight: 22g (3 oz)


2G or 4G SIM card (included)

Private Access Point Name (APN)

Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Runs on 110v and 220v mains powered connection


Pricing on request

in the box

The bttn ONE

Power cables and plugs

2G or 4G SIM card

Unlimited access to