How to choose the right IoT button for your use

Selecting the right IoT button to match your needs may be a trickier task than you might think at first. And why wouldn’t it be? There are so many alternatives to choose from. What’s more, all of them with different feature sets.

So where do I start the selection? You might ask. That’s a genuine concern. And the reason this guide was created.

The first thing to ask is the following:

How will you be using your IoT button(s)?

  • At home or in business?
  • How many people use it/them?
  • What type of actions do they need to support?
  • Do they have to be integrated into existing platforms or my company’s systems?
  • What if I give buttons my customers to place re-orders from my store? Are the payments secure?
  • Is it easy to deploy thousands of buttons to my customers?
  • Can I support my buttons remotely? Or, what’s more, can I have to manage the buttons remotely?

Solid questions and issues you need to think it through.

Following this guide will pretty much steer you in the right direction.

(P.S. Few additional tips for you who consider using IoT buttons in business)

In business matters, business tools matter

To effectively operate your IoT button fleet you need to be able to manage them, collect statistics and analytics – and naturally provide support if such an occasion arises.

bttn was initially created to serve as a business tool. Thus it comes with all necessary management tools businesses need.

We’ve prepared an introduction to bttn management tools for businesses. You can download it here.



Consider IoT button deployment already when selecting your IoT button

Usually one of the most overlooked aspects of development projects is deployment. Depending on the vendor, IoT button deployment may turn out to be trickier than expected.

With bttn we have put a lot of effort to make everything run as smooth as possible on the cloud and hardware side so deployment is a breeze for you.

How to distribute the bttn devices to your customers? Do they know how to set up their bttns? Worry no more. Guess why we’re such big believers in stand-alone connectivity (and at the same time not-so-big-fans of local infrastructure like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)? Exactly. To be easy to use. Just power on and everything works. Like magic.

We’ve prepared a bttn deployment guide that covers everything from planning to actually execute the deployment. You can download it here.

Written by Will Nash, Head of Marketing at Bttn