A simple IoT device that connects to the cloud to automate your business

Press the bttn, experience the magic

The bttn is a programmable, connected button that can do anything inside your business. Notify anyone, trigger an automation, request anything…

What magic will you create?

The bttn device
Press the smart, IoT bttn to trigger a preset action.
bt.tn cloud server
A message is sent to our cloud server.
Your business
An action is triggered within your business.

Create an automation in minutes

Once you have received your devices and set up a my.bt.tn account, simply add a bttn to your account using the device ID.

Tell the bttn what to do when someone presses on the bttn. An action pushes a request or data to an endpoint.

Test your automation and start placing your devices where they are required.

Manage your devices and keep track of their performance over time with live, real-time data on my.bt.tn

See a bttn in action

Press the bttn

A request is sent to your ticketing system with pre-programmed information


A ticket is created and allocated to a specific staff member or department


The user receives live on-screen updates and the status of the request

My bt.tn: a home for all your devices

my.bt.tn is the home for all of your bttns. Manage devices, create actions and integrate with 3rd party services.
Create & automate
  • Add new bttns
  • Create and configure actions
  • Relocate bttns to maximize value
Measure & grow
  • Measure performance at device-level
  • Create custom KPIs
  • Optimize devices by tracking performance
Manage & integrate
  • Manage all of your devices
  • Generate API keys
  • Connect 3rd-party apps

An IoT button that fits right in

A reliable solution
A stable uptime that you can rely on
Safe and secure
Secure connections and data transmission
Unlimited data
Built-in SIM card with unlimited usage