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How to remove friction from online ordering with one press

Lots of tiny things are eating away conversion rate in online ordering. As a merchant you know that removing those pain points from the ordering process, making it as smooth and straightforward as possible is at times a big, hairy objective. But in it’s simplicity, it’s all about removing the friction.

You can tweak the design, tweak the copy, improve CTA’s. You can make the site load faster or snip some step out of the buying process.

These are all traditional tools that can provide tiny tweaks to improve the UX and help to remove friction. But if and when you have existing, good customers – let’s call them VIP’s for the sake of clarity – untraditional methods may be what you should be looking for.

One-press order with the iot button from bttn

One-press experience for online ordering

Steering your VIP’s to an alternate ordering method might be what exactly what the doctor orders.

So instead of going through the hoops of an online order, what if they could use the fastlane?  Yes, we’re talking about the simplest internet user interface of the world.

The convenience of a simple internet connected button works for ordering recurring goods or services, such as re-orders, refills, maintenance, transportation or logistics.

In our mission to allow merchants to harness the power of IoT and to give their customers bttns for super-simple and secure online ordering, we identified two concerns that needed to be tackled:

  1. How to easily link a bttn device to a customer without having to edit the properties of each device, and
  2. How to make purchase requests from the cloud server without storing or moving any sensitive customer data outside the merchant’s own system.

bttn for Commerce API

Solution ended up being a new API to cloud service, bttn for Commerce. It allows secure linking of bttns with your online ordering system to provide your customers a one-press ordering experience.

The new bttn for Commerce API has two main benefits for merchants:

  1. Easy deployment with customer self-provisioning: You can distribute thousands of bttns to your customers without having to pre-configure them. Your customers just fill in a simple form to claim a device.
  2. Secure transactions: When a bttn is pressed, cloud server passes a purchase request to your ordering system without sending any private customer data.

bttn for Commerce is a RESTful API for easy integration for a cloud to cloud services. It’s ready, tested and available for any merchant or business that wants to provide simple one-press ordering process to their customers.

Whitepaper presenting the new API and a straightforward framework for a cloud to cloud integration of and a merchant system is available. Download it here.

Remove friction and make magic happen.

Written by Will Nash, Head of Marketing at Bttn