Why alternative user interfaces make sense in ecommerce

In the complex and cacophonous forum that the internet has become, your service and interface design are more important than ever. It’s even more pronounced in ecommerce: Simple and convenient user interfaces and customer experience means less friction. That translates to better conversion rate.

Increasing the conversion rate is where alternative user interfaces – such as one-press ordering buttons – come into play. They provide both the tool and an excuse to bypass existing customer journey and competition.


How alternative user interfaces gain you access to your customers’ homes

According to Fortune Magazine, “Most people who use Dash Buttons rarely diverge from the one product those buttons apply to. In effect, companies that get customers to use Dash Buttons eliminate the competition. Unlike in physical stores or online, rivals have no opportunity to try to get customers to change their minds.”

It hard to disagree. And according to Joni Kautto from Accolade, “The average e-commerce conversion rate – the percentage of shoppers that buy in a given visit – is 1-5%, while the average for brick and mortar stores is 17%. Well, why wouldn’t you offer your customers a user interface that can be sent to their homes, and get a 100% conversion rate as well as multiple orders? Press the button for more milk.”

But contrary to Amazon Dash where one button equals to one product being ordered, bttn allows end-users, your customers that is, to determine themselves the contents of their re-order carts.

Still the biggest question is how do you convince people to invite such devices into their homes?

It’s simple for “what” and easy for “how”

In a perfect world every customer always gets what they want, when they want it. This is by far the best description of a good customer experience that I’ve heard.

And that’s what alternative user interfaces – bttn to be precise – can deliver: instant gratification. Shortcut to whatever it is your customer wants: Just press the bttn and your order is placed, paid and delivered. It can’t get much easier that that.

Think of it this way: If you’re the first to offer such convenience for your customers, you’re not only making their customer experience better but also effectively eliminating your competition.

Easy deployment with PayPal

Ideation is always the easy and fun part. Things usually tend to get more complex when you are actually deploying your ideas. Not this time. We’ve paved the way for you.

bttn and PayPal have together developed a secure integration that lets any merchant take orders and capture instant payments with bttns. The integration allows a business to associate their customer in a Braintree vault to a physical button. And that means one-press ordering in it’s simplest form.

Other existing integrations for bttn include Magento and Moltin. And naturally you can develop your own one-press ordering experience with bttn for Commerce API.

Start experimenting for free

bttns are powered by a smart cloud service that let’s you configure, manage and monitor your bttn fleet. If you want to learn how bt.tn cloud works, signup for a free trial of bttn.

Written by Will Nash, Head of Marketing at Bttn