Get your team back in the office, safely

The IoT bttn that ensures workplace safety, hygiene and efficiency.

Ensure workplace safety with bttn

The meeting room is ready

Press the physical button to send a message to a Slack channel and notify your team that the meeting room is ready

This room needs cleaning

Press the button to notify your janitor that this room needs cleaning before its next use

I'm ready for my next visitor

Notify reception staff that you are ready to receive your next guest or visitor in a clean, disinfected environment

Trusted by hundreds of global companies

Connect anything imaginable

Hundreds of businesses are already automating their operations, workflows and improving customer experience by connecting to their favorite apps, tools and platforms.

How a telecoms company helps customers with instant support thanks to a smart button

Devices that grow your business

bttn drives your business' revenue by increasing the simplicity of ordering and by saving time and energy on simple tasks.
Build complex workflows and automation with bttn. Save time, money and energy by automating repetitive tasks and requests.
Empower your brand and create more awareness with a branded bttn. The device can be branded with your colors and logo.
Support customers and consumers by providing a simple way to contact you, request help or assistance or to notify you of something.

bttn ONE

A flexible IoT button with 2 trigger buttons and a screen.
Product features

€134 €120

Upfront fee per device inc. 12 months of service, ex. taxes

So much more than your standard IoT button

Built-in SIM card with unlimited bandwidth
Mains powered for a constant connection
Unlimited access to
Pre-built integrations to get setup
Ready-to-go API documentation