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Bttn launches a new low-cost connected hardware button for the US mass markets

Uses the world’s leading provider of IoT connectivity, Sigfox.

Helsinki, Finland & Las Vegas, USA – January 6 , 2017 – The Button Corporation, creator of the world’s first physical push button always connected to the Internet, today launches the new product aimed specifically at companies operating in the US mass markets.

At present connected devices in general remain complicated, expensive to deploy and not easily scalable. The new bttn device sets out to democratize the connected devices market by combining utter simplicity, versatile APIs, cloud based management and configuration toolset, and the leading IoT connectivity technology from Sigfox.

SIGFOX bttn Mini

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Simplest Internet User Interface in the World Is Halved

The Button Corporation launches the all-new bttn Mini®

Helsinki, Finland and New York, NY– June 1st, 2016 – The Button Corporation, which launched world’s first internet connected physical push button in the Spring of 2014, announced today the all-new bttn Mini®.

Packed with the same magic but half the size of the original bttn®, the new bttn Mini is the ultimate physical signalling device for human beings. With the bttn Mini in the line-up, The Button Corporation keeps delivering on the premise of the simplest internet user interface in the world™.

“We are proud to have been able to pack even more power into the diminutive form factor of the bttn Mini. With two distinct gestures – the press and the long press – the bttn Mini can perform two separate actions. The long press is a feature developed to meet the needs of our business customers to be able to cancel or confirm an action or a purchase, ” says Harri Rautio, founder and CEO of The Button Corporation. “As this is a widely requested feature, we are bringing it also to the original bttn via a simple firmware upgrade,” continues Rautio.

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Bttn Dramatically Expands Addressable Market for its Internet of Things Universal Push-button via SIGFOX Global Network

HELSINKI, Finland – May 26, 2015 – Bttn Inc., the creator of the simplest physical internet user interface in the world has chosen SIGFOX’s global network to dramatically expand the reach of its buttons.

Until now GPRS and Wi-Fi technologies have been used to connect bttn, the world’s first stand-alone, connected push button to the Internet. By qualifying its device in the SIGFOX Ready certification program, Bttn is assured the buttons will have optimal radio capacity wherever SIGFOX’s cost-effective, energy-efficient global network is operating.

“SIGFOX’s network, which is dedicated to the Internet of Things, allows us to build buttons that have better battery lifetime and a much lower cost,” said Harri Rautio, CEO of Bttn. “Furthermore, SIGFOX has strong network presence in countries like Spain and France, where we already have business customers in the transportation, elderly care, security and manufacturing industries. SIGFOX’s network connectivity adds a great feature to our great product.”

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