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Simplest Internet User Interface in the World Is Halved

The Button Corporation launches the all-new bttn Mini®

Helsinki, Finland and New York, NY– June 1st, 2016 – The Button Corporation, which launched world’s first internet connected physical push button in the Spring of 2014, announced today the all-new bttn Mini®.

Packed with the same magic but half the size of the original bttn®, the new bttn Mini is the ultimate physical signalling device for human beings. With the bttn Mini in the line-up, The Button Corporation keeps delivering on the premise of the simplest internet user interface in the world™.

“We are proud to have been able to pack even more power into the diminutive form factor of the bttn Mini. With two distinct gestures – the press and the long press – the bttn Mini can perform two separate actions. The long press is a feature developed to meet the needs of our business customers to be able to cancel or confirm an action or a purchase, ” says Harri Rautio, founder and CEO of The Button Corporation. “As this is a widely requested feature, we are bringing it also to the original bttn via a simple firmware upgrade,” continues Rautio.

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