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Practical IoT for facility management

3 ways to improve efficiency and customer experience 

Discussions about facility management and IoT usually veer into “smart buildings” and other capital expense heavy investments; state-of-the-art HVAC control systems, smart lighting, self-diagnosing machines, and sensors that can detect which parts of the building are being used by people.

When creating new buildings, architects and engineers can design everything around these technologies, taking into account their total impact over the building’s whole lifecycle.

But what about existing buildings? Given the structural features, legacy machines, and energy efficiency of many old buildings, the feasibility of heavy investments into new control systems may be questionable. Efficiency and return on investment being the restraints for most companies, easier and lighter solutions, especially ones that can be retrofitted quickly and economically is something worth looking into, right?

Moreover, in a broader sense, the efficiency of your building means much more than energy consumption and automatic lighting control. It’s how processes such as cleaning, maintenance, deliveries, catering and other services for the users are run.

Often these processes are much more important to the users of the building and have a greater impact in your success than any smart atmosphere control systems.

Luckily there are simple things you can do to improve your building’s efficiency.

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