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  • Increase your company’s revenues, cut costs, or streamline processes by giving bttns to your customers for super-easy ordering of your products or services.
  • With the help of our HTTP, REST, or messaging interfaces, create your own notification system, marketing campaign, order processing, or security solution.
  • Increase brand awareness by getting the bttn customized with your own logo. Available cap colors are white, black, red, blue, green and yellow.





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Product Description

Customer benefits & UX.

  • Branded buttons
  • Zero-configuration: Works out of the box
  • Stand-alone connectivity, no phones, apps etc. needed
  • Order confirmation and order cancellation support
  • Visual feedback of transaction status

Tools for businesses.

  • Device group management & remote configuration
  • 3 programmable actions: Short press, Long press, Not pressed
  • Protected privacy & secure communication: All private data stays inside your system
  • Integration support, multi-action scripting and REST API for secure and easy interaction
  • Works with Microsoft Flow, Zapier and IFTTT automations
  • Remote device monitoring and automatic alerts: status, signal & battery
  • Graphical usage statistics & analytics. KPI’s. Event and press counter feeds


  • Mobile data
  • WiFi
  • Runs on battery, AA batteries, or micro-USB chargers
  • Custom brandable, interchangeable cap