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bttn is just what the name suggests: a connected push button that can trigger actions. Use it to send a message, control your smart appliances or turn music on/off. The bttn has built-in internet connectivity and needs no smartphones or apps to pair with.

Easy communication

Reach out to your friends and family by pressing the bttn. You can communicate via SMS, e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.
Push the button

The way of the bttn


One press philosophy

Press the bttn and get your desired action done. That's it, nothing else. Life is complex, bttn makes it simple.


Stand-alone device

You don't need a $700 smartphone to use bttn - it has its own mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity. It works anywhere and everywhere.


Simple to setup

Use your browser to set actions for your bttn. No need to download apps or install software.

Create your bttn

See the shop for more customizations
Your bttn, your way

bttn comes in 2 sizes and 4 standard colors. You can also get a fully customized cap with your own logo. Check out all possibilities in the shop.



Scandinavian design at its purest

"Sometimes my work is based on dignity — sometimes on courage. But finding the essential aspects of the given design challenge always plays a major role. My work process is dualistic, combining the strict and rational approach with more free and intuitive perspectives."