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Practical IoT for facility management

3 ways to improve efficiency and customer experience 

Discussions about facility management and IoT usually veer into “smart buildings” and other capital expense heavy investments; state-of-the-art HVAC control systems, smart lighting, self-diagnosing machines, and sensors that can detect which parts of the building are being used by people.

When creating new buildings, architects and engineers can design everything around these technologies, taking into account their total impact over the building’s whole lifecycle.

But what about existing buildings? Given the structural features, legacy machines, and energy efficiency of many old buildings, the feasibility of heavy investments into new control systems may be questionable. Efficiency and return on investment being the restraints for most companies, easier and lighter solutions, especially ones that can be retrofitted quickly and economically is something worth looking into, right?

Moreover, in a broader sense, the efficiency of your building means much more than energy consumption and automatic lighting control. It’s how processes such as cleaning, maintenance, deliveries, catering and other services for the users are run.

Often these processes are much more important to the users of the building and have a greater impact in your success than any smart atmosphere control systems.

Luckily there are simple things you can do to improve your building’s efficiency.

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Bttn launches a new low-cost connected hardware button for the US mass markets

Uses the world’s leading provider of IoT connectivity, Sigfox.

Helsinki, Finland & Las Vegas, USA – January 6 , 2017 – The Button Corporation, creator of the world’s first physical push button always connected to the Internet, today launches the new product aimed specifically at companies operating in the US mass markets.

At present connected devices in general remain complicated, expensive to deploy and not easily scalable. The new bttn device sets out to democratize the connected devices market by combining utter simplicity, versatile APIs, cloud based management and configuration toolset, and the leading IoT connectivity technology from Sigfox.

SIGFOX bttn Mini

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Bttn expands to the biggest connected home market in the world

Launches integration with Icontrol Networks

New York, USA and Helsinki, Finland – July 27 2016 – The Button Corporation, creator of bttn®, the world’s first internet connected physical push button, announces certified device integration with Icontrol Networks, the leader in the smart home industry.

From today, bttn is certified and compatible with any Icontrol-powered solution. By pushing the bttn, the user triggers a pre-defined action or chain of actions inside the smart home. Some common uses include:

  • Push the “good night switch” bttn to lock doors, turn off lights, activate video surveillance, and lower room temperatures for the night. Press the same bttn again in the morning to wake up the house.
  • Easily activate or disable the security alarm mode with the bttn.
  • Toggle the living room lighting between normal and TV watching modes.
  • Check-in bttn for children – press to lock the doors and send an “I’m home” SMS to parents.

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Traditional Taxi Industry Strikes Back

The leading taxi operator in San Diego launches a concierge service with Bttn to provide a better way of calling cabs than ride-sharing apps

San Diego, CA – October 27, 2015 – San Diego Yellow, the leading taxi company in San Diego with over 300 vehicles, launches its new Concierge service with Bttn, the world-famous internet-connected push button.

Restaurants, hotels and boutiques frequented by large numbers of customers are repeatedly calling taxi compa- nies to place ride orders. Deploying San Diego Yellow branded bttns to these locations, SDY offers a totally new level of service. Dubbed as SDY Concierge, a simple push of a button sends a taxi order to that address, and then displays confirmation light on the bttn.

Taxi operators have for some years been challenged by internet-connected ride-sharing services. Some of the tra- ditional operators have also developed their own app-based services but studies have shown personal apps do not reach all customers and they’re not the most convenient way for concierge-served customers. Using a bttn to place taxi orders is both faster and more convenient than app-based hailing.

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Bttn Dramatically Expands Addressable Market for its Internet of Things Universal Push-button via SIGFOX Global Network

HELSINKI, Finland – May 26, 2015 – Bttn Inc., the creator of the simplest physical internet user interface in the world has chosen SIGFOX’s global network to dramatically expand the reach of its buttons.

Until now GPRS and Wi-Fi technologies have been used to connect bttn, the world’s first stand-alone, connected push button to the Internet. By qualifying its device in the SIGFOX Ready certification program, Bttn is assured the buttons will have optimal radio capacity wherever SIGFOX’s cost-effective, energy-efficient global network is operating.

“SIGFOX’s network, which is dedicated to the Internet of Things, allows us to build buttons that have better battery lifetime and a much lower cost,” said Harri Rautio, CEO of Bttn. “Furthermore, SIGFOX has strong network presence in countries like Spain and France, where we already have business customers in the transportation, elderly care, security and manufacturing industries. SIGFOX’s network connectivity adds a great feature to our great product.”

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Traditional taxi industry strikes back

France’s leading radio taxi operator launches concierge service with Bttn

Helsinki, Finland & Paris, France – March 2, 2015 – Les Taxis Bleus, the leading taxi company in France with over 3000 vehicles in fleet, launches its Concierge service with Bttn.

Restaurants, hotels and boutiques frequented by large numbers of customers are repeatedly calling taxi companies to place ride orders. Deploying branded bttns to these locations, Les Taxis Bleus aims to offer a totally new level of service. Dubbed as Concierge, a simple push of a button sends a taxi order to that address, and then displays a green light at the bttn.

Traditional taxi operators have for few years been challenged by ride-sharing apps. Some of the traditional operators have also developed their own app-based services, as has Les Taxis Bleus. But personal apps are not the most convenient way for concierge- served customers.

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