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Why 72% of businesses prefer stand-alone connectivity in their connected hardware buttons?

For those short in time there’s a three word answer: everything works out-of-the-box.

With you we can dig a bit deeper into why’s and how’s.

With proliferation of various connected hardware buttons, (at least) we have witnessed all of them offering either Wi-Fi of Bluetooth connectivity.

Most of them are aimed towards home users and–keeping that in mind–Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are sensible alternatives. You want to control something in your own home, and you most likely already have a Wi-Fi network. So why accumulate costs when you can use network you already have.

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On-demand people flow

If you thought KONE was a leading elevator and escalator company, you get half a credit. They do all that but what they are really about is creating the best people flow experience.

With that background in mind, we were not surprised – mind you, we were flattered and proud and dead chuffed, but not surprised – when KONE asked us to partner with them for an even better people flow experience in high rise buildings. And partner we did.

The problem Bttn helps KONE solve is the potentially long wait time (up to several minutes) for elevators in high rise residential buildings. And before you protest, no, we are not making the actual elevators faster – we leave that to the hands of the more than capable KONE engineers. But in co-operation with KONE, we are alleviating the problem with personal elevator bttns that do not have to be in the lobby or anywhere near the elevator.More  →