Your product or service on demand. Nothing yells world-class service like a connected bttn with your logo on it. Give bttns to your customers and stand out from the competition by offering super-simple one-press orders or service calls.

Our method, a bttn controlling a cloud service, is based on US & EU patent pending technology.

What can bttn do for your business?

It’s not just a device. It’s a complete service already helping
hundreds of businesses all over the world to…

Make more money

Product and service orders made fast and easy

Save resources

Scheduled visits and routines turned into on-demand calls

Promote brand

1-way advertising turned into 2-way interaction and engagement

It works out of the box

No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth pairing.
Business bttns connect automatically via
cellular data or SIGFOX network.

The simplest deployment

Just distribute bttns to your customers.

One-press experience

A press of a bttn and our cloud service sends a request to your system.

More and more sales

Watch in awe as your sales grow. We have really nice graphs for it too.

bttn in various industries

01. Commerce: "Buy now"

One-press ordering experiencebttn is perfect for ordering replenishments, food delivery, products, supplies, and more. Short press to order, long press to cancel, or any other way you want it. bttn lights up green to indicate a successful order.

Our bttn for commerce API allows secure connecting of bttns with your e-commerce system so that all private customer data and order processing stay inside your system.

02. Professional services: "Call me"

Nobody likes queuing on the phone to get service. Give your customers the ultimate VIP treatment and let them push a bttn to request a callback. It’s perfect for banking, insurance, tech support and all other advisory services, who want to maintain a connection with their business customers.

Superb customer service is an asset, not a cost.

03. Brokerage on demand

Press the bttn to get the best price of the day

If your service connects buyers to sellers, bttn is a perfect shortcut for starting the process. Our API has all the tools you need for making the systems talk with each other.

04. Transportation & logistics

Taxi ride on demand – give your customers the easiest way to order a taxi. Distribute your branded bttns to hotels, restaurants and corporate customers to get more orders and to improve customer service. The receptionists absolutely love the simplicity and the time saving the bttns provide – they’ll practically hand over all orders to you.

And it's not just for transporting people – bttn works great for goods pickup calls as well.

05. Maintenance services

Service or supplies needed - just push the bttn . Distribute your branded maintenance call bttns to your customers, one for each machine or location in service. A push of the bttn can send an alert or create a ticket containing information such as customer name, location, machine type and who to contact.

Your sales or service team can then call the customer to assist them.

06. Marketing, promotions & surveys

Forget display ads and start engaging with potential customers. The best way to engage busy crowds in any event? Have them push a bttn. The bttn action can range from getting an instant gift, signing a petition, taking part in a lottery to Tweeting/posting to Facebook about your campaign.

Customer satisfaction surveys – Display bttns with happy and sad faces or 1 – 5 stars to get instant feedback. The data can be viewed online in real time or exported to your system.

07. Elderly care

Simple call for assistance - Pushing the bttn can be set to send an alert to a care personnel via SMS or email and require a response. If response is not received, bttn can forward the alert to next recipient and so on.

Remember to take your medication - bttn can also be set to require a push at preset time windows to make sure the bttn holder is up and about, or to remind to take her or his medication.


Subscription model

Our monthly bttn-as-a-service subscription lets you buttonize your business easily and economically. No start fees, no hidden costs. 12 month minimum subscription. Request a quote to get started!


Stand-alone bttns connect via mobile data, Wi-Fi or SIGFOX, so you can place them anywhere. bttn runs on AA batteries and bttn Mini runs on rechargeable battery. Both models can be powered by a USB charger.

Business-Class Support

We provide tech support and integration support to connect bttns with your business systems. Support requests are ticketed and timed for best-in-class customer service.


Easy-to-use management site provides bttn group configuration, usage statistics, and automatic device signal, battery and "heartbeat" monitoring.

Custom Branding

Make your business stand out with custom branded bttns. bttn's cap has a large surface for printing your full-color logo: bttn 65 mm (2.56") and bttn Mini 45 mm (1.77").

Two sizes fit all

bttn comes in two different sizes. The bttn is easy to spot and is ideal for public places. The bttn Mini is ideal for offices and homes.

Create your bttn

See the shop for more customizations
Your bttn,
your way

bttn comes in 2 sizes and 6 standard colors with a fully customizable cap with your own logo. Check out all possibilities in the shop.



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"Sometimes my work is based on dignity — sometimes on courage. But finding the essential aspects of the given design challenge always plays a major role. My work process is dualistic, combining the strict and rational approach with more free and intuitive perspectives."

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