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Ooh, yeah, you’re amazing!
We think you’re incredible.
You say we’re fantastic,
But still we don’t head the bill.

Amazing, incredible, fantastic…

We are Finns, so these kinds of superlatives don’t really belong to our daily vocabulary. Instead, we like to play it down and not make fuzz about things. Still, these words pop up in my brain when I think back about what a week we had. The whole company history culminated in the past week. In the six previous months, we sold nearly one thousand bttns, and we finally received the first batch of commercial quality circuit boards from our factory. Our office turned into a veritable Santa’s workshop: all around there were hundreds of different parts of bttns, packaging material, and extra helpers creating shipment packages, just like Santa’s little elves.

We had bttn frames, red caps, yellow caps, springs, PCBs in various versions, battery connectors being glued, green box sleeves, bttn’s firmware software installers, red box sleeves, Quality Assurance stations, address labelling stations, shipping list controllers, assembly line, media war room, and loading station for DHL.

We managed to get nearly 700 bttns out the door last week. Later on they will be shipped directly from the factory, but the first batch we wanted to experience first-hand. If you have ordered a bttn before Dec 1st, your bttn is on its way to you.

The only setback was that we only received 700 bttns from the factory instead of the 800+ boards we had been promised. The factory claims they sent 800, but we received only 700. Sadly, nobody knows where the 100 missing ones are. Blame it on the logistics company? Anyway, the result was that we just had to tell 100 people that we cannot deliver before Christmas. This felt really bad.

Anyway, this was a brief glimpse into IoT startup’s week of fulfilment. I hope you like your bttn, and if you do, please tell us. If you see something that can be improved, tell us that, too at support(ӕ) And if you come up with cool use cases, share them in Twitter via #mybttn.

And now, from the crew of bttn, we close with good night, good luck, a Merry Christmas – to, all of you on the good Earth.

And as for the song this week, it is, of course, Wow by the incomparable Kate Bush. No substitutions here.