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Wake Me Up Before You Indiegogo

Wake me up before you go go
Don’t leave me hanging on like a yo yo
Wake me up before you go go
I don’t want to miss it when you hit that high

The time has finally come: we hit Indiegogo this morning and the campaign has started off really great, thanks to our customers and fans.

The campaign ties up with our alliance with iControl Networks and their OpenHome Labs program that we also announced this morning. Our gear is now fully compatible with all OpenHome gear and systems. With this partnership we are making smart homes even smarter and simpler.

You can find the campaign at (or at the convenient shortcut As the first 48-72 hours are always critical in an Indiegogo campaign, we’d love to have your support and would really appreciate you letting your friends and colleagues know about the campaign.
By contributing and spreading the word, you can help make sure the grannies of this world never run out of beer. Who else can say that?

There is a referral bonus available in the campaign: you get $10 off any contribution from each referral and with just 3 referrals you can get a free t-shirt and 10 referrals score you a free bttn.

PS. We would normally not touch a Wham! song with a ten-foot pole but the title was just too good to resist. Fortunately for us, front man Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (some people call him George Michael) got serious later and wrote some pretty good tunes in his solo career. This week it is our distinct pleasure to present one of the most provocatively titled US #1 hits of all time: I Want Your Sex.

PPS. We are a bit less demanding and will settle for your money at Indiegogo.

PPPS. To make things really easy for you, you can use e.g. this text for tweeting your friends: “bttn, the simplest Internet user interface in the world, is now on Indiegogo. Check out

PPPPS. The bttn’s ordered in the Indiegogo campaign will be shipped in November.

PPPPPS. No, nothing. We just wanted to make a new record with the P’s.