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Rock the Casbah

Oh! They really pack ’em in
The in crowd say it’s cool
To dig this chanting thing

You’ve really been rockin’ our casbah again. And this time, the shareef does like it.

Yes, it is that time of the month again: announcing the winners of our July bttn use case competition and giving away some free bttns.

Without further ado, here are the deserving winners:

John Pryzbylek @thepryz:
@officialbttn would be cool to have in classroom to request on-site assistance

Niels Schuddeboom @shakingtree:
Would use it to automate emergency messages to my caregivers.

Mr.Madsen @mrmadsen:
Arrive at Office > push #mybttn > lights, coffee machine & iMac turns on.. oh, and iTunes starts Tom Jones “What’s up pussycat”! 😀

Maarten Bierman @maartenbierman:
Use button to notify clients when food is ready in take-away restaurants instead of screaming. Collecting customer data at same time #mybttn

Thanks to all participants and a great big hand to the winners. The bttns are coming your way.

PS. The title song this week never made it to #1 in the anywhere. In fact, The Clash (unlike Tom Jones) never topped any list with an original release of their song. This Arabic cover version by Mick Jones’ Algerian doppelgĂ€nger Rachid Taha (they even were born the same year) never even charted but it is really, really, really cool nevertheless. And certainly enough to give the shareef some serious heartburn.

PPS. We are temporarily pausing our use case competition for now. Thank you for all the people who contributed. Look for a new edition starting September 3 when we go Indiegogo.