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It is not the size of the bttn – it is the traction of the action


Or so we thought.

When first introduced two years ago, the bttn was created big, brash, and highly visible. The bttn begs to be pressed and it is very hard to miss. It’s the way a BIG RED BUTTON should be.

When we first heard some people mention that we might want to consider a smaller version, we were mainly incredulous. “What do you mean, why wouldn’t our nice shiny big bttn be good for all purposes?”

When we heard the same request from more and more customers, we started considering whether our one-size-fits-all form factor thinking might not be fully formed. So we talked to even more customers and saw that there indeed was a need for a smaller bttn. Many individuals mentioned that they’d love to have a smaller and less obvious bttn for their home. Many companies – including several hotel chains – said they would love to use the bttn but that the existing version is slightly, err…, robust to be put in their minimalistic ianschrageresque guest rooms.

Based on this feedback, we took a long, hard look at our roadmap and decided to bite the bullet – we would do a smaller bttn. But we made a promise to ourselves: the only thing smaller would be the size. We’d keep the full bttn experience and we would not skimp on features.

We went through numerous visualizations, mockups, and prototypes and we are now proud to present the newest and smallest member of the bttn device family: bttn Mini®.

The bttn Mini is roughly 50% of the size of the original bttn in each dimension, making it only about 1/8 of the volume of its big brother. This notwithstanding, it has the same capabilities as the original bttn and it works in exactly the same super-simple way. The only difference is the rechargeable battery pack as opposed to AA batteries, and even that does not show to the end-user. Both bttns take about a thousand presses before battery re-charge or change.

So now you can choose between the robust, bold, and highly visible bttn, targeted for open, public spaces, and the small, svelte, and discreet bttn Mini, for more private spaces.

But choose wisely.

  1. When can we get it, you might ask? The Mobile Data version is available immediately and the Wi-Fi version will ship in volume in June. The Sigfox version will arrive in August. You can order all of them already in our web shop to guarantee your place as one of the first to get your own bttn Mini.

And then, there’s gotta be some fanfare, right? And this time we think we’ve found the perfect companion piece from this blogger’s all-time favorite musical Les Miserables. Here’s Gavroche and Little People.