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Let’s Get the Party Started

Pumpin’ up the volume with this brand new beat
Everybody’s dancin’ and their dancin’ for me
I’m your operator, you can call anytime
I’ll be your connection to the party line.

A lot of things are happening here in bttnlandia. A lot of things.

Hopefully you’ve heard that we will start shipping next week. But that is fodder for an upcoming blog entry that will provide all the details.

But something else is happening also:

We’ve been testing the IFTTT integration backwards and forwards and our very own IFTTT channel is going live at 9 am PST (UTC-8) on December 3rd (that is today, by the way). We are in very good company, as there are already 151 cool channels on IFTTT.

This means that all the IFTTT goodies will be available to you when you get your bttn. If you are already playing with the virtual bttn, you can start trying new recipes even sooner. The channel is at Just remember it only opens at 09:00 PST (12:00 EST, 17:00 GMT, 19:00 EET).

Some fun stuff you can try with the IFTTT integration include:

  • Control your Philips Hue or Belkin WeMo lights with bttn
  • Send an Android or iOS notification to your kids to come home
  • Start your lawn sprinkler using Rachio Iro
  • Increment a Numerous counter by one
  • Unlock and relock your door with SmartThings
  • Open your garage door with garagelo

And this is just scratching the surface. We will be adding some sample recipes and watching what you come up over the next days and weeks. It will be cool to see what we can come up with together.

And as for the music, we would not dream of playing Pink for you. We like her all right but we found a highly improbable version of her song by none other than Dame Shirley Bassey. Yes, THE Shirley Bassey. Watch, listen, and be amazed.