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On-demand people flow

If you thought KONE was a leading elevator and escalator company, you get half a credit. They do all that but what they are really about is creating the best people flow experience.

With that background in mind, we were not surprised – mind you, we were flattered and proud and dead chuffed, but not surprised – when KONE asked us to partner with them for an even better people flow experience in high rise buildings. And partner we did.

The problem Bttn helps KONE solve is the potentially long wait time (up to several minutes) for elevators in high rise residential buildings. And before you protest, no, we are not making the actual elevators faster – we leave that to the hands of the more than capable KONE engineers. But in co-operation with KONE, we are alleviating the problem with personal elevator bttns that do not have to be in the lobby or anywhere near the elevator.

By having a personal order button in the apartment, in the car, or even in their purse (should one be of the female or otherwise purse-carrying persuasion), the denizens of high rises can order their elevator already while preparing to leave home or nearing the home. Bttn will then inform the high flyers when the elevator is about to arrive, reducing their waiting time and adding convenience.

As an added convenience, the bttn could simultaneously hail a ride or the parking valet so that the whole process of arriving and leaving becomes easier and smoother than ever before. That is what we call pretty smooth people flow.

As for our customary musical number this time, I am pretty sure you can guess where are going to… Now that David Bowie has taken that elevator (although he might have preferred to call it a lift) in the sky to a higher plane, it is time to do a little jig in his honor. So, without further ado, Let’s Dance!