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If you can’t be like Mike, be like Amazon…

It is with distinct pleasure that we welcome Amazon to the button game.

In case you have been living in a cave, here’s the latest entrant:

Starting from next fall, Amazon’s Dash Button lets you order detergent or dog food. And you can also… Well, actually that’s about it. We kinda expected a bit more but these button thingies can be tricky! (We know, we took our sweet time to get them delivered but the availability issues are now a thing of the past.)


But seriously, if you want to be like Amazon and much more, check out what the bttn can do for you right now: You can give bttns – custom-branded with your logo and colors, naturally – to your best customers for one-click ordering or for having your sales rep call them. Or you could program the bttn so that pressing it would automatically order your deal of the week (or day or hour). To make it simple, we have an all-inclusive subscription model for businesses – 7.90 per month, and no start fees.

Sure, you could wait for Amazon to do this for you. But if you are not someone in a Fortune 500 company, you might not be very high on their totem pole. So, to get a head start and be taking in orders with smart bttns still this month, contact our B2B sales today at sales(ӕ)!

Meanwhile, we can all be like Mike.