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Getting Foxy

While both Wi-Fi and GPRS/3G are ubiquitous, they have one major drawback for IoT applications: significant battery drain. Maximizing battery life has been one key design objective for the engineers at bttn.

While we are proud of the battery life figures we have achieved, there is a limit to what we could do with the legacy technologies. When we heard about an attractive new alternative way of offering both significantly longer battery life and guaranteed bandwidth, we jumped at it.

The alternative is SIGFOX, a company that has developed a super-low power network technology especially Internet of Things.

And it seems SIGFOX is equally excited about us. After the first meeting during the MWC conference in March, the mutual decision to add SIGFOX support to the bttn was made quickly and now, less than three months later, the technologies are integrated. As you may have seen from our and SIGFOX ’s press releases, bttn has added full support for the SIGFOX network, offering more communications choice for our customers.

Besides the significantly longer battery life, the SIGFOX network offers another huge benefit for bttn users: SIGFOX service plans offer radical pricing eminently suitable for large device fleets. Prices start from roughly $8 per year (indeed, per annum, not per month), sliding down as the customer adds more customers.

As a customer, you might ask whether using a combination of two relative newcomers can be trusted for building mission-critical applications. Well, bttn is planning to stick around. And this appears to be true for SIGFOX, as well: we think that $115 M in recent funding and existing customer commitments to add at least 8 million devices to the network in 2015 and 2016 is pretty impressive.

SIGFOX already has a strong footprint in Europe (especially in Spain and France) and is rapidly deploying its network in across North America. Customers range from utilities to healthcare providers to home security companies with applications spanning the gamut from remote meter reading for utility companies to emergency alerts for healthcare workers.

As these are some of the core target groups for bttn, as well, this alliance has great potential to help both companies serve our customers better.

With news like this, there really cannot be but one theme song this month.