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Physical manifestation of over 500 web apps


We have always liked to integrate with 3rd party services to leverage the smart things other people have come up with. One of our favorites in this respect has always been Zapier and our services have been integrated for quite some time. However, until now we have been officially in beta.

Starting in the next few days, bttn will be an official Zapier app – in fact we will be one of the very first hardware devices to tightly integrate with Zapier. While you can do a lot of stuff with the bttn even without Zapier, this integration makes things even accessible and easier.

As Zapier connects with over 500 apps, this integration gives tremendous new possibilities to bttn users and lets you connect to and interact with almost anything out there – from the obvious to the really arcane. Now, more than 500 web apps can have a physical manifestation and a way to communicate with them without having access to a computer or a phone.

The possibilities are pretty awesome and we have not yet managed to get our heads around most of them. So, this is our challenge to you: the one who comes up with the coolest/most innovative/most amazing way of using bttn together with Zapier will get a free bttn and gets to be featured right here on our blog in the next couple of months.

And even if you are not interested in participating in the contest, you can still win. To celebrate the official tie-up between bttn and Zapier, we are giving away branded bttns at the price of unbranded bttns. Simply go to our shop and order a branded bttn here.  When you get to cart, enter the magic code “Zapier” and you get USD/EUR 30 off the price of a branded bttn. This is a pretty sweet deal and it will only last for a limited time, so hurry!

And of course, there cannot be a bttn blog without music. This time, we are going honor a somewhat forgotten hero who did his fair share of zapping bad guys in his time. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Flash Gordon