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Bttn goes New York

From day one, we’ve had our eyes on the US market for many reasons, but one of them has stood out: we’ve had by far the most customer inquiries and interest from the US. In fact, we’ve had as many visitors on our web site from the US as from the next seven countries put together. (I cannot refrain myself from adding a nice little factoid here: we’ve had visitors from 184 countries on our site. We think that’s pretty darn cool.)

So, it has always been our intention to do something about the US market but we wanted to do it right. While promising, the US market is also tough. So we waited until we knew the product was ready and we had the resources to do things properly. And now, with a fresh round of funding and an FCC certified product, we have started our US operations.

Since late September, we’ve had an office in Brooklyn, NY – a borough of New York City that is as gritty, enterprising, and energetic as we are. Not to mention that the view is pretty great.


The view from our New York Office

We are in the midst of the booming tech heart of New York City in Dumbo, where more than 25% of the high tech companies in the city are located. We are hustling, developing business, calling on customers, selling, and recruiting. To put it bluntly, we are here to stay.

Things are definitely moving along and we have some very ambitious plans for the US market. We’ve already announced a partnership with a mover and shaker in the hospitality industry (ALICE) and are getting ready to announce our first US enterprise customers and new partners.

If you are in New York, give us a call or come visit, we’d love to have a chat and tell you even more about the bttn.

And for this week’s music, it is not going to be Sinatra. This time, we are sending a Message.