AWS IoT button
from bttn
Leverage the power of connected buttons on your AWS IoT environment

What’s in it for you:

Developers have for some time had access to Amazon AWS-IoT platform to connect their devices with the cloud and execute actions – or Lambda functions as Amazon calls them.

One of the most interesting applications of course are connected push buttons that could trigger actions in the Amazon cloud.

Until now, there has however been no way to do this on a wide scale or in a real business setting, as available devices have been limited to cumbersome Wi-Fi connectivity and non-replaceable batteries, making them less useful for real world uses.

bttn has added support for triggering Amazon AWS IoT Lambda functions using their cellular and Sigfox based devices.

Any business already using or considering the use of Amazon AWS IoT can now instantly leverage the power of connected buttons for

  • Instant ordering of products or services at the press of a bttn
  • On-demand support & maintenance calls
  • Logistics and transportation, e.g. pickup requests
  • Process management
  • Quality control
  • Customer feedback
  • And many more–all setup easily from the Cloud

bttn is based on patented technology.


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